Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Divine protection

Yes, we are going to check the mezzuzot. Many people have been inquiring about that.

Mezzuzot is plural form of the word mezzuzah. We have one on every doorway of our house; inside doors as well as outer doors. There is a popular belief that if an inordinate amount of sickness or calamity befalls a particular household, it is worthwhile to check the mezzuzot to see if there any mistakes in the parchment inscriptions. We learn that putting these parchments on our doorposts is a direct commandment from Gd, and it seems understood that a home without at least one, or with one that is old or defective in any way (the letters may crumble at the folds, etc.), may be more vulnerable. When seemingly unbelievable crises happen one after another, it is often suggested to check the mezzuzot.

So, we are. Robert is in the process of switching them around to take them in to be checked. I, personally, am interested to see if there is any mistakes or defects in the words "u'valechtecha baderech" (literally, "while you walk on your way"), for my sake. But you know, there have been so many serious health issues here that any mistake in the mezzuzot is meaningful. We don't always have the understanding to see the meaning, though, do we.

So, after NF and PTSD we weren't catapulted to do this checking. But, with this hit of 5 weeks of illness and accidents with the kids (and me, the anaphylactic shock), we will do it. We have to stop this rash of events before the CDC comes in here and shuts us down completely.

I'll let you know how it goes. :-)

This needs to be complete before Azeiel's adenoid surgery on Feb 24th.
B'Ezrat Hashem.

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