Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The next installment: "The Doctor Calls Back"

Just as we were all leaving the house to go to the Purim Seuda (festive meal for Purim), the doctor called back. The kids were all in a twitter to go, Robert was trying to direct traffic with getting everyone out, and I was trying to round up the food and other stuff we needed to bring. Bad timing for a phone call that required quiet and focus. But, nonetheless, Robert quickly got the kids out into the yard so I could have some quiet.

It is nothing earth shattering, so let out your breath. :-)

He said: the other two doctors (Giladi & MRI pro who I never met) said that they both think that the two areas that are causing me pain are indeed infectious. It's impossible to know for sure, and that is the problem. But, I trust Giladi (ID doctor, case manager), and the 'MRInik' is the one recommended to me to by Halperin, the doctor I saw two weeks ago at 6AM. [the nick-name 'nik' at the end of a word indicates a person who excels or is professional at that thing] So, these opinions agree with each other.

Then he said a few more things: He suggested that we concentrate all my medical care to Icihlov hospital. It is too confusing to have so many doctors involved, so he suggested a small focused team in Ichilov. I completely agree with that, and I already know & trust all the team members. So, that is good. I told him that the only problem with that is that my HMO (Clalit) will not agree to pay for any treatments in Ichilov. Don't quite know why. He said not to worry about that, the hospital can work on a sliding scale together with my private insurance. So, that sounded good.

Then he told me to make another appointment soon to go over all the tests, not only MRI. He asked for bone scan, CT, x-rays, etc. I said I don't have a CT, but I have everything else (including *two* bone scans, 4 months apart). He wants a CT with contrast (icky stuff to drink, right?), so he'll have his secretary send the referral for that by fax tomorrow. I can do that test here in Soroka, it doesn't matter. So when everything is done with that to bring them all the disks of the tests and we'll go from there. He said they will consult together, and possibly with me there, but he wasn't sure if that'd work out.

So, I guess I am pursuing this with them. I was getting ready emotionally to go another route; pain clinic, possibly holistic healers. I still may do that, but one thing at a time. If this pow-wow about my case doesn't come up with a clear and acceptable solution, the pain clinic is my next address.

Also I am considering calling a friend in Jerusalem who is a doula, and also does healing work with women. She works with the physical body and the emotional aspects of the person, clearing up blockages of all sorts.

Anyway, one thing at a time. I'm going to come out of this really good. I can use everyone's prayers that my roller coaster will come to a nice, slow stop... soon.

Or however long it is supposed to take. That's the faith part of it, isn't it.

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  1. thanks for the update! wishing you a refuah SHLAYMAH!!

    love and hugs!