Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The sound of silence

A few true facts:

It's 11 AM on Tuesday morning. I had an appointment that was supposed to be at 9, and it got canceled. Then a meeting with clients was scheduled for 10:30, also canceled (by them).

I (we) have served 72 meals (actually probably more if you count all the scattered impromptu ones for various children) since the seder began. As well as a 9-year-old birthday party with 20 people at the Be'er Sheva zoo. Lots of hosting, all loving friends and family, Baruch Hashem, but the labotomy is scheduled for some time before Yom Ha'atzma'ut. (ok, so maybe it's not *all* true facts...)

All the children are out at this year's community softball game with Robert & his father, my brother is still in Jerusalem, Zimrah is not home at the moment. I am ALONE. It is QUIET. I am EXHAUSTED.

I thought about putting the soup up for the holiday this evening (7th day of Pesach), I thought about making more matzah rolls, more cooked vegetables, putting in the laundry... . . . .

I am going to get back into bed. Now.

Chag Sameach (happy holiday) to all!

[believe it or not, I still feel that going to bed now isn't a great idea. Then I remember that I left the seder early because of exhaustion and pain. I want to enjoy this evening. So if anyone out there wants to send me words of validation for doing this, it'd be greatly appreciated! And, just for the record, even if I don't get messages of validation, I *am* going to bed now. Bye!]


  1. Go to bed! Those appointments were cancelled so you can REST! I believe that. Enjoy a few moments of quiet and refresh yourself for this evening.
    Jackie, who knows you are already resting ;-)

  2. Go to bed girl! You need to take the time you have when you can. Enjoy that peace and quiet!

  3. Certificate of validation:

    I hereby validate your well deserved sleep of 1-4 hours in the middle of the day.
    More over, you get a Magna Cum Laude of understanding the art of taking care of yourself at the right time.

    President of the 'take care of yourself club' -
    Rivka Klein -de Graaf

  4. I certainly hope you went to bed! Take care, Beth

  5. Good for you!! You gotta take care of yourself!

    I'm sure your family would rather eat matza and butter WITH YOU than a fancy meal without you!!