Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Theraputic water

Last night I did my first part of my daily homework from the Rebbetzin, and it really "spoke" to me. This morning I did the morning part of it, and I also connected with that. This feels right.

This morning was also another first- hydrotherapy!! We love hydrotherapy!!!!
I have been to Dorit for lymphatic massage/draining for about a year now, and the sessions covered by insurance are over. Dorit recommended me for this hydrotherapy for the next stage. It got 100% approved by cupat cholim (Israeli HMO), and the first one was today. It is at the physiotherapy clinic in Soroka hospital.

First of all, I met the physical therapist who I'll work with. We looked at each other in vague recognition, but couldn't figure out from where. She happens to be pregnant now, and oddly enough, I remember her as being pregnant. So, as I was telling The Story (for the hundredth time) and my medical history, I told her I was hospitalized in the surgical unit 'A' at Soroka. She said "that's how I know you! You came from intensive care, the young woman with the flesh eating bacteria"! Turns out that we know eachother because she was the first physical therapist who brought me out of bed three weeks after surgery. At the time, I had no use of my left leg at all. She taught me how to prop myself up, turn my body, get my legs over the bed, step down, and how to use a walker, even without use of my left leg. I remember being worried about leaning on her too much because she was so pregnant. Well, she's pregnant now, also, and her baby at home is a year and 11 months old. Amazing. We connected instantly.

The exercises are all in water; so much easier than on ground. I loved it so much. After the session was over (it's private! Just me and her!) She told me that I can have ten minutes to enjoy the pool before a group is due to come.

I swam. I swam and swam and swam. I did laps... crawl stroke, breast stroke, back stroke, deep water swimming... everything. OMG, it is so good. I have this therapy once a week for three months, and they pretty much already told me it will be renewed after that. (If I have surgery for the PVNS, the treatments will wait in a holding pattern until I can return).

Now I am thinking of trying to get a subscription to a regular pool here in Be'er Sheva so I can go mornings. It is an amazing way to start my day. It makes me feel so good to be doing something so healthy for my body.

That, combined with the personal training sessions I have twice a week help me to feel so pro-active in my health. I have already decided I need to get a subscription. There are a few pools to choose from, so I'm going to look into it.

Things are looking up, Baruch Hashem.


  1. Sarah, my name is Michele Chabin and I think we might have known each other a bit 10 years ago in Jerusalem. I entered your blog through a link on RivkA's Coffee and Chemo site. Were you once friendly with Aimee Dahan? I believe I have a picture of you from my 40th birthday movie night in Jerusalem.

    Either way, I've been reading your blog recently and am awed by your strength and courage and willingness to share your vulnerability. I doubt I could have coped half as well as you are coping with two such tremendous health issues.

    I'm particularly impressed with your proactive approach to life now: physicial trainer, hydro-therapy, spiritual growth. You really are an inspiration.

    You're in my prayers.

    Warm regards,

    Michele Chabin in Jerusalem

  2. Hi Michele,
    I appreciate you writing to me! And thanks for your strengthening words about my blog. I always appreciate feedback, and I like knowing that new people are joining me on my journey.
    I don't think I know you, though. Your name, and also the other name, Aimee Dahan, doesn't sound familiar to me. 10 years ago I was living in Be'er Sheva. I moved away from Jerusalem (sob, sob)almost 12 years ago already. I also don't remember a fun birthday movie night... sounds like it was nice. :-)

    Thanks for making yourself known! Now we know each other.