Thursday, October 8, 2009

2AM ramblings... a good read.

OK, I know the blog has different colors every time you log on. I am playing with it. Bear with me, here. I know it may make your vote obsolete, but, oh well. :-)

Had a great day, but too tired to write about it. Oh, wait, I already wrote about it in an email... I'll just cut-n-paste here... This'll only take a minute...
Had a wonderful time today with a family trip to a beautiful park about 20mins south of Natanya. It is called "Park Utopia", and it has a tropical rain forest which is done incredibly well, and a big maze of trees/bushes, sculpted greenery/shrubbery all like different animals, and a nice children's playground. And, a great big succah. It was really a great day. I was mostly going around in the wheelchair so I avoided a real 'crash' down time, and easily got though the whole day without pain meds *at all*. Yeah. :-)

Tomorrow hopefully to the science fair here in Be'er Sheva. One day at a time...

I am trying to rebuild my strength, but it will be slow going. It's been a long time of very limited activity. Now when I walk, after about a slow-paced half hour or so, I'm too tired to go on. It'll get better, I know. I will call my personal trainer in a few weeks, and we'll start slow. And, with the PT and the hydrotherapy, I should be able to get back on track. But I feel the work ahead. And I now know that the malady of Bursitis is very painful! With the PVNS tumor out, I feel exactly what is the Bursitis. PT should start to get me on the right road with that, please Gd.

I have practically no more PVNS pain. You can read that again, if you want. I recommend it. :-) I can sit in a chair cross legged now. That has been about 9 or 10 months of not being able to do that. I know it's not the best thing for circulation, so I don't do it often, but the point is I *can*. So much more movement has been returned to me, like a gift. I didn't expect it. It is a gift, all wrapped up in the disguise of surgery. It is a tikkun- to have a desired outcome of a surgery.

Lately I've been thinking more on the side of not doing the reconstruction. Why tempt fate. Maybe I can create closure without physical closure. Anyway, these are floating around thoughts, to remain floating around until they land somewhere. I can wait.

This went on way too long- I am horrified at how long I have stayed up. Don't get me started next time!

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