Monday, October 5, 2009

Strep? I'm not scared.

Looks like it's gonna be vacation for Dov & Ya'akov with Robert, and home on the range for Shifra & Azriel with me. Good way to make me take it easy.

We got back from the pediatrician today after being there for an hour and a half.

Shifra and Azriel are competing for the highest fever. :-( As it looks now, Shifra likely has strep, and Azriel has a double ear infection, and possibly strep as well. We came home with Amoxycillin for two, more Acamol, and two kids unhappy after being throat cultured. OK, this chol hamoed vacation is gonna be pretty quiet. And, as an added benefit, I am also taking care of myself.

By the way, about this whole Strep thing... I don't think I wrote that during my surgery a few weeks ago, there were cultures taken from all over my hip and thigh joints. It was for the purpose of seeing if there are colonies of strep anywhere. They *all* came out negative. There is no proof of the existence of Strep anywhere in my body. That was such amazing news. All this time (2 years +) I was under the impression that I have to be extra careful about strep, and that I could get cellulitis again easily, and I could even die from it, quickly. After the pathology report came back negative, a whole dark cloud was lifted from my life. I am *not* a walking bacteria incubator. I am a normal person, dealing with the challenging aftermath of NF, and PVNS, but I am not sick. Nor am I sickly. I have a healthy immune system.

And just in case that wasn't inspiring enough for you, I am now walking. I have a slight limp, which I guess physical therapy will work on. I went out to the pediatrician's clinic today with no crutch. AND confidently holding sick Azriel in my arms.

Pain... these days about a 3-4 on a scale of 1-10. And believe me, I know what 10 is. I did take pain medicine last night, but it is definitely less frequent.

The word is still out on new blog look. I just needed a change... like that feeling like when you need a new hair-do (for women readers... men probably can't relate), or to change around the furniture. I like getting your feedback... but- who are the jokers who voted for the one where the option is that I should spend more hours changing it?! Thanks a lot... ;)

Moadim L'simcha! There are all sorts of ways to understand "Simcha". Mine for this chag is quiet appreciation. Baruch Hashem.

(please daven for my father-in-law, Aharon Ben Rachel. He is still in the hospital, and needs more strength.)

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