Thursday, December 31, 2009

Now we just have to wait for the evaluation

MRI done. It was a piece of cake... I even dozed a little in that loud white tube. You know you're really tired when you doze off while lying in a big white plastic tube with a jack-hammer sound at your head.

I have the disk with me. I popped it into the 'ol laptop. This time I am not going to play "Dr. House, M.D." It is interesting to see, but I honestly can't see anything that was or wasn't there the last time I looked at my MRI, before the surgery. I have to wait a week or so for the written evaluation.

From there I had an hour break, and I got a sandwich at the cafe at the hospital. Then off to hydrotherapy.

I was pretty sore when I got into the water, but, like always, it felt so good to be in the warm water. I did stretches first, then all my exercises. I swam a bit afterward; the physical therapist in the pool trusts me to stay after he leaves, so I had almost an hour in the water. I did upper body exercises, also.

My leg hurts a fair bit at this point, and I just got back into bed. I am worried about this sudden hit of no energy the past few days, and the sudden onslaught of more pain. I actually took something for the pain today... first time since the surgical pain had decreased. I took two Advils, so not the strong stuff, but I am uncomfortable that the leg is demanding more attention than it has been before now. I am going to just try to ride it out as well as I can, and wait to know the results of the MRI. This all very well may be all the rehabilitation catching up with me. It is hard work.

I am going to make the dough now for the challot and pizza, then get back into bed. I am thankful that Robert is home for the evening.

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  1. You've done so much lately, so no wonder you're exhausted. Best of luck with the MRI results. Shabbat shalom, Michele