Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Aak! surprise! Azriel's surgery tomorrow!!

Azriel was supposed to have his surgery on his [little pee-pee organ] in a few months. BUT, the hospital called today to say there is a cancellation for tomorrow, and asked if we'd want it. I accepted.

Azriel's problem is that his hole (meatus) is too small. Even the mohel told us at his bris. All my boys had this problem... it is a Klein trait. Genetic. So the effects are that all his pee-pees are "dachuf" (urgent), and he'll actually start to wet himself before he sits on the toilet, even while his pants are already down. Also the stream is really thin and high pressured, and not straight (meatus at the wrong angle). He also gets a back-up problem, and even cries when the pressure builds up. This could, of course, lead to kidney infections, so it has to be taken care of early. Dov & Ya'akov had this same surgery at 3 years of age. Azriel is 4 1/2, and we waited on it because of so many other things going on... mainly Azriel's tonsillectomy, and my health problems and surgery.

I've been through it twice already, and am **not** looking forward to it. Poor little guy. It'll be his third general anesthesia- first adenoids, then when that didn't do the job, tonsils.

It will be early tomorrow (Thursday) morning. I have to snap into emotional gear and be ready for this with him! And we have to explain it to him today. I wasn't ready for this, but it is the right thing to do. Oy. I don't want this. But he needs it. But my baby...

Prayers would be awesome tomorrow morning-
Aziel Yosef ben Sarah Rachel


  1. My first reaction is that, your own issues aside (not to minimize them...), it's probably a good thing for Azriel to not have much warning. Clearly he wants to have this done, since it will improve his quality of life, and this way he won't have a long time to worry about it.

    Good luck!!!

  2. Prayers for you all tomorrow. I agree with Dena, less time to worry and wonder may be better for Azriel.