Thursday, February 18, 2010

Azriel is good, thank Gd

The surgery went fine, Baruch Hashem. Everything went as planned, and the surgeon was very nice and patient. Azriel has a very traumatic reaction to the mask with the gas, and I was worried about that part with him today. I explained to the anesthesiologist what I want to do for Azriel, and how it would be best for him. He was patient with us, and the whole beginning anesthesia thing wasn't nearly as bad as last time. I came out a bit dosed, but it passed. :-)

I am so relieved, you can't even imagine. Also my little dude made a pee-pee, and it went well! I remember it with the other boys much more painful. Baruch Hashem. Let's just all pray now that he'll be free of any infections until everything closes up. He has three stitches which are supposed to melt. On Monday I will feel more relieved knowing we are past the danger zone for infections. Please Gd.

I am completely exhausted! It is so tense going through surgery with your kid. Looking at the main screen at the different surgeries going on, checking on my kids's id # all the time to see when he'll get put into the recovery room. Then to wait until the nurses let you come into the recovery room. That was worrisome for me- waiting for them to tell me he is waking up. It took longer than my nerves were ready for. It turned out perfectly that I was right there when he started stirring awake. My little guy.

I came home to a buys household with older kids who needed lunch, and other issues going on at the same time. I wanted some transition time between hospital and home, and it just wasn't cut out to be that way. I've been going ever since.

I have to go now, actually- the challot and pizza await my attention.

OMG- I just got an emergency call from my friend who is pregnant (without a husband)... she is in trouble (diabetes), and the doctor wants to get her baby out now- she is in her 7th month- early 7th. I gotta go. Holy cow- I am scared.

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