Sunday, February 21, 2010

Current as of today

My pregnant friend is still pregnant , fine, and out of the hospital.
Azriel is fine. Thank Gd.
The children are getting all their Purim costumes together.
I am having a hard time coping with every day pressures.
I think Robert is also having a hard time coping with every day pressures.

I am not doing so great, but nothing to report. Same old reasons.
Gotta just keep going.
But I want to stop.


  1. Dear Sarah,
    It's time to use your spritual skills and disciplines - positive affirmations and "don't go there" when those familiar old depression symptoms start to manifest. We love you and are rooting for you. You go girl!!!

  2. Sarah,
    When you were in NY, you found the strength to overcome so many obstacles. I think because you had a purpose outside yourself that pulled you forward. Perhaps you are missing that here. It doesn't have to be a big think, just something that will take you beyond you, beyond the daily grind of living, of chores and routines and kids' needs, that will set itself apart and propel you towards a self-awareness you are not otherwise experiencing. But it can't be something huge like births or work because that takes from you too much. Maybe the writing you want to do. Or a class that will excite you.

    Just ramblings....

    Love, Miriam

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