Sunday, May 30, 2010

doctor's visit, part one

I went for the ultrasound. It was supposed to be of the upper and lower sections of the abdomen. Turns out that a *specialist* is needed to do an ultrasound on an appendectomy stump. How crazy is that?

So the person I got to do the ultrasound wasn't that specialist. He did an upper abdomen ultrasound, and lower as well, but not in depth around the appendectomy. I have to go back tomorrow morning to do the appendectomy area. I'll have to miss my work-out. (as if I'd be up to it, anyway).

The ultrasound today did, however, show a possible reason for my pain & discomfort-- a gall stone. Just like my doctor thought. Why the pain would be lower, though, is of yet a mystery. Referred pain? Possibly, says my doctor. We'll know more tomorrow after the ultrasound test for the appendectomy area.

Reason for gall stones? I looked it up, of course. The only one that may make sense to me is the losing weight rapidly. The others are too much cholesterol, but my diet is high in fiber and very healthy. Another reason is elevated bilirubin. For a while a few years back (before NF) my bilirubn was elevated in each blood test, after I had had Mononucleosis. My doctor told me not to worry about it, but it may have been from then? What I do know is that when I got NF, I lost six kilos in three weeks, then over the past year, since my thigh surgery & appendectomy, I lost 5 kilos quick (surgery will do that), then gained it back (slowly), and now am losing pretty quick again because of this nausea and discomfort.

Who knows. My doctor said that if it is causing me trouble, the treatment is... take it out. Laproscopically. I'll throw it on the pile for July. (or is that bile...) I'm just *so* devoted to organ donation.

But under this warped humor... I am quite depressed.


  1. I'm glad at least they discovered why you're feeling unwell. I understand why you're feeling down, however. Yet one more health issue to deal with.

  2. me too!!

    it is so hard to maintain a positive attitude when you are uncomfortable!

    and I am majorly uncomfortable!!