Sunday, May 30, 2010

Something's up with me.... doctor visit

Robert pushed me to finally go to the doctor today about what has been going on recently. A month with right side pain, nausea, and for the past week, less and less appetite to the point that my body just won't let me eat at all, yesterday or today.

So I went to my doctor. Abdominal palpitation shows no extreme signs of infection, but pain in that right lower quadrant where I used to have an appendix. She set set me up with an immediate ultrasound, today. (going to do that in about two hours.) In her opinion, the options are appendix stump infection, or gall bladder inflammation. Gall bladder is higher, though, so I don't think it's that. When I have a pain, I know exactly where it is-- I know my body very well. She then said the only true way to diagnose something like this is.... laproscopic surgery. I broke down in tears.

We'll do the ultrasound, then I'll bring it to my doctor afterward, and we'll see from there. Thank Gd Robert organized the children to have a sitter today, and my friend MG put her afternoon aside to accompany me. Bless her soul.

I'll report more when I know more. I am just very, very depressed about this.
Please daven for me... Sarah Rachel Bat Tova.

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