Friday, June 4, 2010

We'll get through this all.

Shifra's ophthalmologist appointment today showed *negative* for pressure on the brain. Thank The Good Lord. No tumor. Now we just have to see the result of the pituitary function test, and that is Tuesday. It is still a mystery why she is having these early puberty signs and cysts on her ovaries. She's just 7 1/2.

And my doctor's appointment was just... inconclusive. No outward signs of infection, except swollen lymph nodes in the belly. In the end, only time will tell. Either it'll get worse or better. I think I felt a teeny bit better today. Still nausea and odd pains, but all the tests were inconclusive. That's it. I am not pursuing this anymore unless it gets worse. Hopefully the supplement that Dr. Litman suggested will help. I'll go back to him with my blood tests to him in a week or so and see if it sheds light on anything. I am getting used to the idea that I may be dealing with random nausea and discomfort for a while. I also have a gut feeling (yes, pun intended) that it'll blow over. I look forward to enjoying eating again.

We're having guests on Shabbat, even with the hard week. Good friends who we really want to spend time with, and the parents of these good friends who are in from the US- from Chapel Hill North Carolina, where Robert is from. They took good care of my FIL in his last months, and we have strong connections, and only a limited time to visit. So we're going for it. We planned a meal out with other mutual friends, too, so some of the pressure is off us, also.

My goal is to be feeling strong and healthy by the time my surgery comes around- July 12th. That's the date set. Maybe all this digestive stuff is just nerves about the surgery upcoming. I don't really believe that, but it's a theory.

Hashem is taking care of me, and my family, and I am following the lead. It's gonna be OK. I can do this.

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