Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting things accomplished, one step at a time

One of the readers of my blog made a suggestion to me; to write out the things I accomplish so I can appreciate making progress in the things that are weighing on me. I think it's a good idea for today.

Things I took care of today:
  • got up after a not-so-great night's sleep
  • went to the clinic for my blood draw, which I've been putting off for a while. (Dr. Litman yesterday tipped the scales to get me to do it.)
  • got my CT results faxed to the clinic (where I already was).
  • Made an appointment to discuss them tomorrow with my doctor. (in short, the results showed *no* gall stone, but inflamed lymph nodes and reproductive parts... probably an infection... waiting for blood test to see white blood count... probably start on antibiotics)
  • Then went to Soroka to take care of Shifra's endocrinology test. Appointment scheduled for next Tuesday. I took the opportunity to get a hug from Hilary (my favorite midwife and close friend) when I finished with my business.
  • Came home, having not eaten anything, feeling queasy and tired (only 11am), but made myself some food anyway. I didn't really enjoy it, though. I really hope this problem goes away soon. It is such a *drag*.
  • called Dorit, my lymphatic massage person, whom I hadn't spoken to or had a treatment in a *long* time. We had a lengthy conversation, and decided to meet after I know what is really up with this bug or whatever it is going on.
  • called to find out exactly when my surgery will be scheduled, waiting to hear back from the secretary there.
  • called for an MRI for my thigh follow-up. Recently I have let that drop. My pain is so much better, thank Gd, that it isn't foremost on my mind anymore! But I realized that Prof. Meller said to meet with him again in July, but it probably won't work out, it depends on when my hernia surgery is. Anyway I scheduled an MRI, but I may very well have to change it. Once I have the surgery date I can work around that. But the point is that I took the time to think this all out.
  • Now I am going to rest before the troops come home. I have about an hour.

We don't have a babysitter today, so I pray that I can do it and it'll go smoothly. I'll do what I can do, give what I can give. And collapse afterward.

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  1. HUG!!! One day at a time is a good thing. Writing down the accomplishments is good too. Here's to a good day for you tomorrow.