Thursday, July 15, 2010

day three, post surgery, home!

I am home in my own bed now, Baruch Hashem.

I am in a lot of pain, though- it was a drive with traffic and lots of bumps and thumps in the road, and my belly just wasn't happy about that.

Everything is fine. I'll go back to the hospital in 10 days for a post-op visit. I don't have any external stitches or staples to deal with, just some tape that is supposed to fall off by itself.

I am sad that Robert & the kids won't be at visiting day at Dov's camp tomorrow. Very sad. It is just too complicated, and too much driving. Robert is already a little under the weather, and a seven-hour round trip with three children in tow isn't anyone's idea of a way to take it easy. The trains are down tomorrow (track work), and the driving round trip all the way up north is just too tremendous of a task after the week we've had. (mind you- this plan never had me in it- we knew I'd be after surgery- we just hoped that there'd be a way that R & the kids would get there). So, our representatives will hang out with him, as well as their kid-- Dov's best friend. Life is just imperfect that way.

I am going to take pain meds and go to sleep; my body is so sore.
I'll write more when I get more strength.


  1. Yay for being home! I hope your recovery goes according to rote! Take care.

    Beth from oct98

  2. Glad that you're home, and I hope you're feeling much better quickly. If that tape you mentioned is the same stuff that I had over my incision after a C-section, it never did fall off by itself. I think the doctor ended up taking it off at my 2-week visit. Sticky stuff, I guess!