Thursday, July 1, 2010

The laundry bag

It is 2:40AM, and I am dealing with an insomnia night. :-/

But I just wanted to share what I am proud of today... it may seem so simple to you, but I feel like I'm the most resourceful mom in the world.

There is a whole list of stuff Dov needs for camp (we drive him up there on Monday). Most of which I got already, and Robert even ordered a back-up pair of glasses for him today.

A few things are missing: a pair of Shabbat shoes, and a laundry bag.

Shoes will be tomorrow. Robert & Dov went out this evening but didn't find anything appropriate. Tomorrow I'll go to a different set of stores, and I hope we'll accomplish finding good shoes for him.

That leaves the laundry bag. We could go to Home Center and buy one, but since I had insomnia, and I have it in my mind that my own mother used to make our laundry bags for sleep-away camp, I took on the project. But unlike my mother, I have no sewing machine. I stitched it by hand with a big remnant of fabric I had (blue velvet, of all things!). Took me over an hour, but it has a cool drawstring and is totally hip and functional. I am *so* proud of myself, I can't even tell you. It feels like a milestone in resourcefulness, and in mothering. I hope he'll feel the love I put into each stitch.

Now it is quarter to three am, and I will read a few pages of my Emunah book that I want to finish before the surgery. And please Gd, I will doze right off. The meds don't always work if I get into a project after I have taken them.

(I recently started taking melatonin and Theanine supplements before bed. The goal is to get off sleeping pills, and get my melatonin hormone to secrete at the right time. It'll be a slow process.)

But the point to this post is the laundry bag I made at 1am. Sometimes being a Mom is the most satisfying thing in the entire galaxy. Really.

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