Thursday, July 29, 2010

second night after returning home from second hospitalization

All day today I was up in my room. I didn't venture into the house at all. It was a very restful day. My kids come and hang with me when they want to, and they are very respectful when I say I need quiet time again. I played a few rounds of cards with Dov who just learned new tricks and games in camp.

I had a lovely visit with a good friend, who by chance was also very interested in doing our laundry. :-) Thanks, S!

Robert is great with bringing food up here, whenever and whatever I want. Really... he's very accommodating, my Jeeves. :-)

The pain was perhaps a teeny tiny bit better today. At least I learned more about what positions and movements are doable, and which ones I can expect shooting pain with. I am not taking any pain killers at all. The hospital experience traumatized me-- I'm not kidding. I am now totally afraid to try to mask my pain for fear of an even worse reaction waiting for me around the corner.

Morphine, and it's cousins, are big fat liars.

I'll stick with the pain. I just hope it won't stick with me for too long. "Too long"... what does that mean? When it ends is the right amount of time. It just IS.

Constant pain is kind of lonely; other people don't really understand the 24/7 aspect of it. It's impossible to understand unless you've been there.

Thank Gd it's only physical pain. Please Gd it's temporary.


  1. What to say.
    Wish I could help you from afar. I have been stirring things around in your name in Shamayim, maybe you've felt the currents there. Miss you Sare, and send you a hug. Please be sure to check your other private email accounts when you can.

  2. Sarah,
    You really have a remarkle constitution in dealing with the pain and other issues this brings to you. I hope that each day the pain decreases for you.

  3. I pray for healing for you. Even though it is worrysome to cover up some kinds of pain, remember that relief from pain helps the healing. I hope you can get enough relief to get some walks around the house to help you maintain some strength. Maybe you need someone else to set a timer to remind you to eat so you can take your meds, vitamins, etc.