Thursday, July 29, 2010

Up here in my room

Feeling flu-like symptoms today. I don't have any temp, so I'm guessing it's withdrawal from the Morphine. The gift that keeps on giving. (I took it in various forms for about 10 days, starting with the surgery, last dose was late Monday evening, with today being Thursday). I remember this after the NF, also. Advil helps the symptoms.


I really am beginning to understand better now the mitzvah (act of human kindness) of visiting the sick. I really feel so cut off up here in my room. The world is going on without me, and I am lonely with my recuperation. Up here, pain comes and goes, feeling icky comes and goes, sadness comes and goes, and everyone is really busy with life. Me & everyone else, we are separated. I'm used to being together.

I also think that my doctor wouldn't be so happy with how much time I'm spending in bed. I should be getting up and around more. I feel quite weak. I gotta work on that.

But I don't want to.

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