Monday, July 5, 2010


Tomorrow Robert & I leave on our getaway. We are headed up North to the Galilee where we have reserved a nice little cabin to relax in. This is the break we are taking with the prayer that it will ease our tension about the upcoming surgery, and the stresses that come with that (stresses on family, marriage, kids with a new nanny...). We are all too familiar with these things, so hopefully we can preempt it a tad, if possible.

First we are taking Dov (and his friend) to sleep-away camp. That is also up North on a beautiful shoreline (it's called "Achziv" for you Israels who want to know). After we leave him at camp, we are *alone*! We have two babysitters in our house (a 18-year old girl and a 17 year old girl) with the other three kids, and I will try hard to not let myself worry. They are good people.

So, no computers. We will have cell phones; I see that as a must because of the kids.

I am going to put all my worries on a back burner, with the help of Gd.

Happy trails!


  1. have a great vacation!
    The massage sounds great!

    Thinking of you and yes, you are in my prayers.


  2. YOU GO GIRL (and lovely boy/husband)!

    It should only be every best, most unburdening, most loving, most relaxing time... and may it strengthen you all for what will follow - pls Gd easily and successfully.


    -Malka Reisner-
    Be'er-Sheva, ISRAEL

  3. I hope you have an awesome relaxing vacation. It will be too short, I'm sure, but what a luxury.

    Good luck on the upcoming surgery. I'm sure that everything will work out well with the family while you are there.

    BTW, it always amazes me that places that I read about in the Bible can be everyday occurrences for you (going to Galilee).