Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mission accomplished

Made it! And it went really well. The hardest part was getting out of bed in the morning. I hadn't gotten out of bed at 7:30 in a long time!! When the alarm rang, I was in a *deep* sleep, that only on the third snooze did I realize why it was set!

The drive was really fine. I had taken the pain medicine before we left, and I was fairly comfortable. When we got to the hospital to do the MRI, I realized I had forgotten some important paperwork and until I got another copy faxed to there I couldn't do the MRI. So I called Prof Meller's office and spoke to the secretary, she looked in my health record, told me what I needed. Then I called the health clinic so they could fax me the referral. All that time I was getting more & more uncomfortable, sitting, standing, holding my left lower belly... then the secretary there asked me if I'm pregnant. Logical question taking into account that I was uncomfortable, hand on my belly, pacing the floor. But I am also at my lowest weight ever as an adult, on the verge of gaunt, and I was thrown off by the question! "No, no, sweetie. I am just recovering from recent abdominal surgery."

I took a shot of more pain medicine before I went into the MRI, and it was OK. I had forgotten what actually is the hardest part of an MRI for me- the NOISE!!! It is so LOUD!! It is awful for someone with PTSD. I wanted to just leap out of that tube.
But I got through it, and that is that. (results in five to ten days)

The Robert & I went out to lunch, which was a real treat! I felt up to it. I ate a *huge* lunch-- surprised both of us. I haven't been able to have much to eat because the second I start eating, my innards feel pushed around and it hurts. A few forkfuls a few times a day and that's been pretty much it. But yesterday, I ATE. More than Robert. :3) (that's supposed to be a little piggy face) My innards were not so happy about it afterward, but, I had an appetite, and I took advantage of it. Yay. I didn't eat at all for the rest of the day, but I felt full and satisfied. Baruch Hashem.

The trip home was fine, and then I got back into bed.
Mission accomplished.
But... I pushed it a bit... there was a Torah class I really wanted to go to with Robert in the evening. We had a babysitter coming already, so I pushed myself to go to it. I was able to sit through about half, but then I had to go. That was it for me... the pain was reaching an all day high. Robert took me home, and I got to sleep only after larger amounts of medicine and a migraine starting up. :-/.

*But* the day had gone well. And today is about the same as far as less pain, Baruch Hashem.

I definitely feel that a corner has been turned and the surgery is healing. The pain is absolutely decreasing, and I am able to do more. And I don't plan on continuing to push it...
[but I've gotten three doula calls in these past two days! I haven't taken on the jobs, but still!! I do not plan to work until after the holidays.]


  1. Go, Sarah, GO!!!


    P.S. Great new smiley face you invented!

  2. Yeah for the good trip. Don't accept any doula calls until you feel 100% better.