Monday, September 6, 2010

got over the slump

OK, things are better. I got past the hump. :-)

You know, that pool at the health club does *wonders* for me. Not just my body, but my soul. Maybe being a "Pisces" has something to do with it, I don't know. I don't take too much stock in that stuff. But today's laps and self-hydrotherapy in the pool was GREAT. I left there a renewed woman. It is such a lovely place to be, this particular indoor pool. I am just so grateful for the gift of this membership. Thanks again to my "aged "P's". (hat tip to Mark Twain)

I was on a roll today. I did seven trillion things, and I took it all one by one and managed. The evening went long, though, doing things one by one. When four children want twelve things all at once, simultaneously, well, it takes a lot of time. But we did it... the shoe shopping for my daughter (fruitless), getting the other kids home on time, snacks, help on the computer, planned dinner, (took another Voltarin. It is providing better pain coverage at this point, thankfully. I could actually do with another right now, but I am trying to keep it to just the one a day. I am still dealing with this infection & antibiotics). I settled spats and kissed bruised knees, taught them how to speak to me without using the language of complaining, helped with all grades of homework (talk about brain switching-- from long division, to counting by tens, to building 3-dimensional geometric shapes), wrapped and bow-tied a gift for my daughter to bring to a birthday party, made a balanced dinner, dealt with my smallest son choking on too many corn chips in his little mouth, and then cleaning it up after he threw it up all over the stairs, went to pick up Shifra from the party and wound up taking three other girls home, too, all over the city. Got home from that and continued with homework help. Oh, and Lego help. Fed Shifra a late dinner, and by then it was very late. It is astounding how late I got the three older kids to bed. We'll pay for that when we try to drag them out of bed in the morning.

I finally got them all to bed, and my gut is sharply sore. But then there is poor Emma, holding it in until I had the time for her. So we walked for ten minutes, and she did her stuff, and was happy.

Now I am going to bed. My thigh muscles are so sore, my surgery is very painful, and I overdid it by A LOT. But, so did Robert. He had an overnight at Mitzpe Ramon at his job, got into Be'er Sheva at 8:15pm, then did the big Rosh Hashana shopping and got home close to 11pm.

I needed nanny help tonight, but I also wanted to do it myself. And I did. (anyone get the reference from "Free To Be You and Me" there? From the track called "Atalanta")

All-n-all, I am doing better, much stronger, but I gotta take it easier. Next time I swim (Tomorrow or Wed morning) I hope to go to the jacuzzi afterward. That would help release tension from doing the laps. Then there is always the dry sauna and the humid sauna to choose from... I was never really a sauna type, but people can change. :-)

My bed beckons my arrival, and who am I to let it down.


  1. Slow down! so the rest of us can catch up.
    I wish you and your whole brood an easy pleasant meaningful rosh hashanah and hope you stay in the groove.


  2. What a busy exhausting night. I get done with those kind of nights and give a big sigh of relief while I try to decompress. Sounds like you are doing better and you don't always get to choose those busy times. Just try to take it easy as much as you can.