Thursday, October 7, 2010


I'm going to try acupuncture tomorrow. I am so scared. Fear of the unknown, you could say. What will it do to me, if anything?

The consult appointment today was another one of those ones where I didn't know where to start my story... the question being why have I appeared seeking acupuncture for chronic pain and fatigue? Honestly, where do I start. My story is complicated, and the pain is from different sources; nerve pain in and around Gapey from NF, thigh joint pain and inflexibility from PVNS, residual pressure and pain from my hernia surgery two 1/2 months ago.

After the consulting doctor took in my history, he originally said that he thinks reflexology may be more suited to me instead of acupuncture. Then after talking some more about the nerve pain, he changed his mind and decided to approve 10 sessions of acupuncture, starting tomorrow. Is he sure? Am I sure? Why is it so scary to try a new apporach to pain relief?

There is something completely illogical about following western medicine for all that ails you. Yet, time and time again we (I) go back an trust the next step from the doctors. I have friends with late stage cancers, and they choose also to stay with western medicine 100%. And here I am, the first time trying something alternative other than reflexology (which I love but I don't think it actually helped my pain much), and I am scared that the unknown factors are going to have an adverse effect on me.

What will probably happen is that I won't feel any different afterwards. I also know that it could be a cumulative thing, and the first time I wouldn't feel any changes, anyway.

I'll let you know.

(and getting my broken car back -- automatic engine Kermit-- would help, too... I have been driving standard shift now for three days, and it is killing my thigh & hernia surgery ouchies. The mechanic said it should be ready tomorrow. I'm holding him to that. Or I'll start to take cabs.)

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  1. hi Sare,
    been so busy with my new job as a computer teacher, it's been hard to keep up with friends.
    I know I owe you an email!

    re: acupuncture: you described it really well. It worked very well for me when I had digestive issues. It gets the body's electronics bank in flow and in sync. I'm not surprised you felt some misfirings and pulses in all the right places. It's gratifying to actually feel the healing begin.

    lila tov
    we'll tawk soon

    dev :-)