Sunday, October 10, 2010


I am so tired, I really can't even think clearly to write. I just wanted to jot down some update, but I don't have the clarity of thought to really write today.

Acupuncture on Thursday was very interesting. I wasn't scared of the needles- they are so thin, either I hardly felt them at all, or the ones that the practitioner said would hurt did indeed hurt, but I am so experienced with mind over pain that it was a breeze for me. When all the needles were in, they are supposed to stay there for 20 minutes. Hands, feet, wrist, and knee had needles in them. The object was to help with my general circulation and pain, and long term to increase energy and general well-being. I'll keep going, and I'll believe it when I see it. I like the practitioner. He is an English speaker from South Africa. I knew him 9 years ago when he treated my son, Ya'akov, as a baby, for constipation problems, by doing Shiatsu massage on him. He totally recognized me, and immediately remembered Ya'akov and the whole experience of the treatments. I was really impressed!

While the needles were in me, I felt all sorts of things. I felt electric waves through my left thigh and hip, I felt sharp pain for a good few minutes where my appendectomy was, and I felt a similar, but less sharp pain where I had the cellulitis two years ago. It was really fascinating. After the treatment was over, T (the practitioner) tested my pulse again and noted it was much stronger. He also noted that my digestive system may need some help, and I agreed. I told him I have to take very high doses of probiotics two to three times a day to keep everything functioning painlessly. So he "saw" that in some spot in my hand before I told him. This stuff is so esoteric, but fascinating, right?

That night (Thursday) I was a *dish rag*... totally strung out and wasted. And we were planning a big trip the next day to go away for Shabbat to a kibbutz about 2 1/2 hours south of here, near Eilat. The occasion was a double Bar Mitzvah for twins, sons of very good friends of ours.

Well, I woke up Friday (sort-of woke, that is) with sharp pain in my thigh joint. I attributed it to the acupuncture. T had said that I could expect one of three things: either I'd feel no change at all, or I'd feel better, or the least likely possibility was that I'd feel worse. Least likely? That'd be me. And the unbelievable fatigue- It was almost unbearable to be out of bed.

But we went. Packed up the family and went down south. It was a lovely, very special Shabbat. Lots of good friends, good hugs, lots of love and nachas (pride from the children)... and LOTS of walking. I hadn't remembered that particular aspect of Kibbutz life. It was all a bit too much for me, and wound up with a high level of pain from the recent surgical area. I upped my Voltaren usage; what else was I supposed to do? Anyway, it's temporary.

I did rest as much as I felt I could, but I also wanted to see these friends. We came all this way, I don't want to lie in bed. We got back *really* late last night, and although the sleeping kids transferred to their beds very easily, it took me a while to unravel and unwind and get to sleep. It's a real paradox; having utter and complete exhaustion paired with difficulty sleeping. But once I fall asleep, I'm out cold, for many, many hours. Many, MANY hours. If I could, I'd be in bed all day today. I asked the babysitter to come early today, and I plan to crawl back into bed. I also have two litt'uns home from school today with stuffy heads and coughs.

Pain level seems to be lower today, and I hope to avoid medicating anything. It all depends on how the afternoon goes with all the kids home and the babysitter. She is relatively new with us, and her authority isn't well established with *all* the kids, let's just say... but I gotta rest. My head is cotton wool.

I did manage to write, however. Yay, I'm glad I did. At least that.

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