Friday, November 12, 2010


I am having a bad day today, but I first want to say that I had a *great* day on Wednesday. No pain in sight that day. Amazing what I can do! I had no nanny, and wasn't desperate to find someone. Quite the opposite-- my kids & I were so happy to have eachother. We fooled around, did (not much) homework, and everyone volunteered to make part of dinner. I didn't even ask for help. My project was to clean the hanging light fixtures in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. And I *did*. All four. Up on a step stool taking down glass bowl-like fixtures, cleaning all the dead bugs and dirt, getting back up there and replacing them. In the kitchen, I got myself into a bit of a bind when I was holding on to a huge, heavy bowl-like glass fixture and I couldn't maneuver it myself. I desperately called for Dov (almost as tall as me) to go get abba's tall ladder and come assist me... NOW. He did. We did it together.

And the house was so much brighter. In every way.

That was Wednesday.
Thursday morning (yesterday) I went for my acupuncture. It had been two weeks because my practitioner was out the week before. I had been doing OK with pain, actually.
But after yesterday's treatment, my kidney-back pain was back in full force. What's up with that? I made it through the day and evening without retreating to bed, but not nearly as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as I was the day before.

Today, Friday, I am out with a migraine. OUT.
Shifra woke me at 2:30 am after she had a bad dream, and crawled into bed with me. I had the headache from that point on. I started loading up with medicines at around 5:30am, and haven't stopped; but nothing is working. Now I am nauseous from taking codeine as a last resort. I can't tolerarte narcotics anymore.

So, I was good before the acupuncture, and it seems the treatment set off the kidney pain... and a migraine? Is that possible? I wish I had the practitioner's phone number. I keep forgetting to ask for it.
Should I keep doing the acupuncture? I think I've had four or five treatments, I don't recall now. But when it skipped a week, during which time I had four trips to Jerusalem, I didn't have much pain. It makes me wonder, you know?

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