Thursday, November 4, 2010

lemon pit

Ugh. The viral ickies have come to visit... completely uninvited. Chutzpah.

Caughing, congestion, sore throat, stuffiness, sneezy... just like it says on the side of the medicine bottles. So I'm laying low in bed with OJ, tea, and vitamin C.

What's more of a bummer is that with each caugh, my mesh/hernia fix hurts. If I put my hand there and press during the caugh or sneeze it's a bit better, but no fun.

Yesterday R & I went to Jerusalem in the morning to visit RivkA's family at their home, sitting shiva. Robert is close with her husband, Moshe. What can I say... a family broken, a man bereft. I told him we are always here for him, and he's never truly alone. What more can you really offer.

OK, I just downed the end of my tea... was that a lemon pit I swallowed? I think it was. Now it is stuck in the esophogus. Gotta go make more tea.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon!