Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rav Ahron Batt Shlit'a, may his memory be for a blessing.

Last night was sort of a re-make of the Saturday night beforehand. Our Rav passed away, and his funeral was last night in Jerusalem. Same cemetery, same time as RivkA's the week before.

I'll miss him terribly.

The eulogies given by his sister, his sons and grandchildren were so moving and powerful. I'd love a copy of the poem written by one of his granddaughters. This man was someone so very special, a Tzaddik in our time. He has helped me through some extremely sensitive and complicated decisions regarding family, and also surgical decisions. He was the Rav who married Robert & I under the chuppah.

I am forever grateful that I got a chance to say goodbye to him those weeks ago when we were in the hospital visiting RivkA. I told him I love him. He smiled and held my hand tight. It is one of the most tremendous brachot I could ever want.

May Gd keep him as a tzaddik in Gan Eden.

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  1. Baruch Dayan HaEmet. You guys need some happier excuses to go to Yerusahalayim now. You've had your share of the sad ones.