Sunday, December 5, 2010

flames and inflammation

Had a pretty good Shabbat; I even got to shul in time to daven (pray). Today's davening included a special prayer for rain; we are having the worst drought in Israeli history for this time of year. There are wild fires raging *at this moment* in the North of this country, and there is a serious water shortage. The land is so dry that the fires are spreading fast and furious. I got to daven and send my miniscule appeals to the heavens for mercy. It has been about ten months here with no rain, except for a one-minute downpour in October. I am in my comfy bed now with my children sleeping soundly, and all our things all around me. This, while upwards of 20,000 people were evacuated from their homes, a mere two hour drive away from me. They may have nothing when it comes time to return to their homes. Hard to fathom.

Unfortunately this afternoon I got a fever again, after two days of none. And my hip joint has drastically increased it's swelling and pain... don't know if it's the PVNS coming back, or the bursitis, or some sort of other inflammation going on. I have been thinking recently that having the crutch again may help, but I *don't want it*.

I want to hold out 'till I see a) my orthopedic oncologist (Meller) on the 14th of this month, and b) the pain doctor on the 15th. Wow, though, I feel 100% that I have that PVNS tumor again. And I cannot take any medication which effectively helps relieve the pain. So I am limping along.

Meanwhile we are here in Chanukah vacation for the week. We have some nice plans that I pray I can attend. Among them, a birthday party for Shifra (8!), and an overnight to our friends and family in Modi'in.

I made an appointment with my GP for Monday. I suppose we'll need some more precise tests to figure out why I am getting these fevers. It may just be that whenever I have inflammation happening from my various surgical areas that my body reacts that way.

I'm tired, and am presently finding it hard to concentrate because of the pain. My sleeping pill gives me a good night sleep, thank Gd for that. Good night. Pray hard for the fires to stop.

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