Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For your commenting convenience

People have told me that it is unclear how to leave comments to me on the blog. So, I did some changing around of the settings, and now there is a big white box at the bottom of a post where you can write comments. If you don't see the box, just click on the title of the particular blog post you want to respond to, and then you will see it at the end of the post.

Is this better? I put a little survey at the top of the blog-- let me know what you think.

(I'll post more tomorrow-- I have a CT scan in the morning of the left lower abdomen and thigh joint area.)


  1. I didn't have any trouble before. Is there a way to send you an email that doesn't get posted?


  2. Of course-- just send me an email! Do you have my address?

  3. I don't see a white box at the end of the post, just the little envelope. I clicked on the word comments just like I always do.