Wednesday, January 26, 2011

life is trying to return to normal

Robert has returned home, safe and peacefully, Baruch Hashem.
But he is downright *sick*. Poor guy. He came home, and was du ly attacked by the children waiting in the corners of the house to yell "HELLO!" when he came through the door. It was great; balloons, signs and posters on the door, the works. He hugged and kissed everyone, and handed out presents. It was a late bed-time evening, of course.
Then he proceeded to deteriorate, develop a fever, and generally collapse into the flu.

Now it's four days later, and he is still sick. Tomorrow he'll go to the doctor, possibly get antibiotics.
It hasn't been easy around here. For me it's like he came back, but not. I don't want to be selfish, but I want him to get better... for me as well as for him. Although this morning Robert was able to get up and get the kids out to school, thankfully. I had a migraine during the night, and I was recovering from it this morning, and he blessedly let me sleep.

I feel like I am very run-down, and I am actually starting to feel a bit sick this evening as well, but I hope to get to sleep early.

I have found a *WONDERFUL* house cleaner! I am thrilled about that. What a difference it makes. I pray that he will be dependable; so far, so good. He me highly recommended, and wow- he is really good at what he does!!!! Such a bracha (blessing).

As for the pain, it is still is great control with these meds. I am absolutely floored at how life feels so much easier when the pain is [practically] gone. Getting in and out of the car is now pain-free. You can't imagine what that is for me. I generally have more energy, except that I do feel a certain tiredness from the Lyrica. it isn't stopping me, though. It is worth it. Life is changing, and I almost can't believe it.

I did the first of the two kidney scans yesterday. It was fine, except for the doctor who couldn't manage to get the IV into me until he worked on both arms, four tries. I really hate that. But it went fine. I don't have results yet. The second one is next week. And I will do a urine culture tomorrow to see if the UTI bacteria is gone or not. When I have all these results, I'll go to the nephrologist and put it all together, and hopefully get some answers. I am especially interested to know how the combination of medicines I take now could possibly influence my kidney problem.

Honestly, if I learned that one or more of the medicines are contraindicated for the nephrocalcinosis, I'm not sure if I'd be willing to give up on it. Living without the pain is worth so much... TODAY. But, as we know, tomorrow is also important. I don't want to wind up on dialysis in 10 or 15 years to pay for taking these meds.

Anyway, I won't jump to conclusions. Every drug comes with it's price (toll) on the body, we know that very well. It's all about balancing. I look forward to answers.

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