Saturday, January 22, 2011

Medicines that deliver

I had such a nice Shabbat, I just have to write about it.

Friday night we decided to stay home. We had a few invitations to be hosted, but the children told me they'd rather stay home. They wanted the intimacy of family time, even though Aba isn't home. I get that. For me it was a bit more work; making a pot of chicken soup (it came out soooo good!), putting the shabbat table cloth on and setting it for everyone. Then serving, clearing, and washing up afterward.

But it was so worth it. We had a great time talking and laughing, and getting into pajamas. Azriel talked about what he learned in kindergarten about the weekly Torah portion, Shifra talked about the assembly/ activity her school had Friday morning (which I attended, and made 110 pancakes for!), and we were all just taking it easy. Just pure good.

We all went to sleep early. Pure good, again. :-)
The children woke up and played on Shabbat morning so nicely, they didn't wake me at all. What a gift. I'm telling you, it was magical.
We got to synagogue, and then were hosted by a lovely older couple from our congregation. It was great company, interesting conversation, GREAT food, and again... the children played really wonderfully (they had invited another family as well, with three children, and the blend just *worked*).

When we got home in the afternoon, I had such good energy still. Instead of taking a rest, I worked with Dov on his Bar Mitzvah portion for at least an hour. Dov is looking forward to showing off to Aba what he now knows. :-)

The best part of this Shabbat?

NO PAIN. Yes, you read that right. Go 'head- read it again, just for the fun. :-)

It seems to me that these medicines I have started from my consultation with Dr. D are actually doing it for me.
I am taking three pills of Lyrica per day so far; Dr. D said he thought that four would be right for me. The nerve pain is way down. Not gone, but wow- an amazing improvement. Possibly if I add the fourth it'd be completely gone? I just added the third a few days ago, so I'd wait on the fourth about a week, if I do decide to try that.

But what is actually working better than anything I've ever tried is the medicine for the thigh-joint problem from the PVNS- the medicine called Art-50. I've taken it just for two days now, and my pain has vastly decreased. I was just walking in heaven this Shabbat. It's hard to explain. I'm sure that's why I had energy this afternoon to learn with Dov... less pain = happier mommy with more energy to give to good things. Uh-may-zing. Baruch Hashem.

If this keeps up, I may become normal again! I can just see it now:


I am still on the antibiotic for the UTI, and my kidney still twitches pains at me a few times a day (and recently I have been hearing it from the left one as well now). I can't say all this medicine taking doesn't have me worried. I am getting ready to change doctors to the one who is a GP in the health fund, as well as a renowned pain specialist (Dr. Z). I need clarity into what all this could add up to. I never did hear back about this question from Dr. D.
When the other day I asked my current GP about it, she still stands by her philosophy of "get rid of pain however possible now, you have to do what you have to do." I plan to change to Dr. Z... along with the qualifications of being a sought-after GP an pain specialist, everyone who has ever come into contact with him says he is one of the kindest people they have ever met. My midwife friend who knows him very well says he's one of earth's true angels.

What's up for this week is the first of two different kidney scans this Wednesday. The second is the following week.

Anyway, I got away from the point here. That being that I had a *great* shabbat with the children, and that I am so close to being out of pain.

And Robert is coming home tomorrow.

As our great Torah sage Rabbi Hillel once said...
The rest is commentary.

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