Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bacteria as stubborn as it's host.

As the Israeli children say when things aren't going their way... Oof!

I still have that bacteria multiplying heavily in my urinary tract. Oooffff!!!!

The third round of antibiotics (different ones) didn't do it. So far it seems to be antibiotic resistant. It's been what-- like three months? Maybe longer.

So, as American children say when things aren't going their way, #*^%!!!!

Well, that explains the crazy tiredness, occasional fever/chills, and maybe possibly why my pain threshold seems to be lower. Maybe the cause of the kidney pain, too?

I'm due to see the nephrologist March 13th. That was instead of a *June* appointment, which is really when the next appointment is available for those without protectsia.

I am waiting to hear back from my GP about the next step in trying to wipe out this bacteria. Which, BTW, is *not* e-coli, like I had thought. It is called Klebsiella. We'll see what her next antibiotic suggestion is. In the meantime, I really should take lots of vitamin C for my immune system.

I am so tired. And my Down's baby's mother needs more help with the nursing, it's not going well.
Yesterday was so good-- I visited her for 2+ hours, then went and had a good swim at the pool.

Today... I barely could get out of bed at 12:30, when I absolutely had to get dressed... magic cleaning man was due to arrive.
Now all I want to do is climb back into bed. I have chills, too, on this hot, oddly summery day.


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