Friday, February 25, 2011

The silver lining

Did you realize that it was apparently the Voltaren that caused not only the nephrocalcinosis, but also the bacterial infection I am dealing with now? That stuff is like Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde... really helpful with pain, inflammation, and fever, but is dangerous behind the scenes.

This bacteria has been with me since September. If I wasn't blogging, I wouldn't have known when it started. The post that first talks about the bacteria I am still fighting is here.

Six months. Wow.

So, with that in mind, and the frustration of my GP not calling me to discuss the most recent culture, I called Dr. Litman, my "vitamin and suppliment doctor". I hadn't been in touch with him in quite a while. Robert urged me to call him.

He suggested immidately starting treatment with Collidal silver. It is apparently a very effective treatment against bactria just like this one-- klebsiella. It also is known to have no side effects, and little or no possibility for allergies. It is in the form of mouth spray, mostly tasting like ever-so-slightly bitter water. Easy to use... which is good because I am starting on a high dose of the stuff. You can read about this company that makes the one Dr. Litman gave me here.

So I am eager to see the next culture in two weeks...
It seems to me that going away from a treatment system which is ineffective so far, and possibly dangerous for me (to keep "testing" new antibiotics), is a Good Idea.
That's when you call Dr. Litman.
Here's hoping!


  1. I've heard of the colloidal silver because it caused a man to turn blue. Here is the story:
    It's banned here by the FDA but you can read about it in the story. I haven't commented recently but I read your posting always and am often thinking of you and hoping for relief and joy for you!

  2. Hi Kathy,
    First of all, I appreciate your concern. I also did some research into this stuff when my doctor first suggested it to me. I also found on the net the stuff that is pretty freaky, like this guy. Apparently the gray/blue syndrome is the main reason it is not FDA approved.
    I had an in-depth conversation with my doctor about all this. He is an MD, practiced internal medicine for 25 years (in Canada) before changing course in his practice and turning to ortho-molecular medicine. Among other things, he has helped small children go into complete remission from cancer (including his own daughter), and helps many hundreds of cancer patients every day get stronger and healthier.

    I trust him. This form of colloidal silver is very dilute; not at all what the guy in the video clip on the website you sent was taking. That guy on the video was making it himself, with no controls at all. He was not under any medical supervision ever, and he has continued to do this for **14 years**!! Yeah, he's a whack-o.

    I am taking a dose of 10 "mists" (sprays) orally, 4 times a day. I do not plan on continuing if my next urine culture comes out still positive. Two weeks, that's the trial period here.

    I have lots of allergies to antibiotics. I can't take the "top shelf" choices because of my allergies. I have already been through three rounds of antibiotics, which were recommended for this particular bacteria, and they were ineffective. The next step is big heavy-gun, broad-spectrum antibiotic like Vancomycin. I have plenty of experience with that-- it has very strong, negative side effects. Also, it is administered by IV; if any of it spills, you must clean it up immediately. The stuff is like battery acid.

    I don't have lots of choices, as you see. My thinking with this is to see if going back to the natural elements of the planet can help eradicate this bacteria. It is clearly known for it's antibacterial benefits. I am under doctor supervision, and it is a very controlled dose, for a short period of time.
    You can check out the product I am using here:

    I appreciate your concern and straightforwardness. I hope I have put your concerns to rest. :-)
    love and blessings to you always, Kathy!

  3. This stuff is complete nonsense. There is no real scientific evidence that it works. In fact, there is no evidence that there are any such "toxins" that accumulate in the body. You are being misled and ripped off. Trust me, this guy did not cure anyone's cancer. He is a charlatan. You appear to have real medical problems/issues. This will not help you.

    You need a real doctor who will answer your calls and prescribe the correct medications. I am a physician - I have no vested interest in whether you take this nonsense or not - it just pains me to see intelligent people chase miracle "cures" peddled by snake oil salesmen. Especially when there are real problems that require attention, and real/proven cures with scientific bases behind them.

  4. It's true, I do need a doctor who will return my calls. It's a problem. Today I tried again, leaving a message, with no response.

    That aside, I'd appreciate a more moderate tone on my blog, please. Calling someone who I say I trust a "charlatan" or "snake oil salesman" is not necessary, and also insults me, by nature of the fact that I trust him.
    I assume you don't know this doctor, and I certainly don't know you by your "anonymous" signature, so I encourage you to please express your opinion here respectfully. Thanks.

  5. 1. I posted as "anonymous" not because I want to me able to make nasty comments under cover. I simply could not figure out how to give a name. I do not spend much - if any - time reading blogs, and I stumbled upon yours rather accidentally doing an online search of a medical issue. So forgive my ignorance in proper posting "etiquette."

    2. For what it's worth, I am a surgeon who has operated on, and treated my fair share of patiets with necrotizing fasciitis, so in perusing your past posts, I am somewhat sympathetic to your plight - especially as you negotiate the Israeli medical system which is not always known for its sympathetic, caring physicians willing to be accessible (regardless of their medical knowledge or skills.)

    3. Nonetheless, I will not retract anything I wrote about this "ortho-molecular" guy or his pseudo-scientific therapies. His treatments are not backed by any legitimate prospective randomized science. In fact, to a trained reader, his website could almost have been written by an attorney. It is carefully worded to avoid making any absolute claims that could get him into legal trouble. The reason for that is that his therapies are true snake oil.

    I write so strongly because I all too frequently see patients chase after miracle cures pushed by guys like this. Cures that cost money and are NO more effective than a placebo.

    There is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up his claims. The fact that he has left evidence based medicine to push unproven miracle cures makes me think even less of him.

    I pride myself as trying to stay as up to date and familiar with current science and therapies. This stuff is nonsense that will delay your receiving appropriate care that you deserve.The fact that he has won you over into his trust does not make him any less of a charlatan. Lots of unsuspecting people fall for scams. That doesn't mean the con artists deserve any more respect. And ma'am - with all due respect, this is a scam.

    If this offends you, well the truth can be painful, especially as you are dealing with multiple, difficult medical issues. On the other hand, it is your blog, your body, and your life, so I will leave you to your judgement. Caveat emptor.

  6. Go Sarah, and go for it, and go with your gut feelings, and yes, we trust Dr. Mel too.
    Hope this works.
    Love, hugs and more love,