Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tales from "the other side"

All clear.
Professor Meller gave the 'all clear' from my MRI. That means *no* PVNS. Baruch Hashem!

My pain is much, much less. It's all such a miracle. The nerve pain is like 80% better, and the hip joint pain is maybe 40% better. We are working on that. The pain doctor in Jerusalem gave the go-ahead to raise the dosage of the medicine for that ("Art-50"), so we'll try that. Now it'll be "Art-100" :-)

But I am just a new woman, with new energy and new joy. And new awe. I can't even list for you the things I have been able to do... so many projects around the house, so much participation in LIFE.

No more babysitters are needed for the times I am home. Just me is enough. I can totally do it, piece-a-cake. I only need babysitters for the times I have to go to doctors, or take kids to doctors or functions.

The only outstanding issue at the moment is still the kidneys. Oh, and the prolific bacteria making it's home in my urinary tract.
I spoke to the nephrologist yesterday (directly!); a Dr. T in Soroka. I told him I have all my tests and am ready to make an appointment and consult with him. He asked if I did these other tests, and turns out my GP didn't know to order those. So he wrote a list of tests he needs in order to assess my situation, and faxed it to me. What a drag. So much calling and getting papers together and making appointments still to do.
He gave me an appointment for March 13th. Should be enough time to get all the tests.

I am grateful for the prompt attention from him (protectsia from my cousin in Florida who knows Dr. T's mentor's sister. Gotta love that). It'll all be OK. I'm on the other side.
The factor which defines the other side is clearly the reduction in pain. Plain and simple.


  1. So glad to hear the PVNS result!!!! Baruch Hashem! Larry

  2. I'm so happy to read this. Not about the kidneys, of course, but for your ability to have joy in life again! I know your children and Robert are thrilled to have you back again. :-)

    Hugs, Jackie

  3. So happy you're feeling so much better. Just don't overdo it too much.

  4. B"H! Feelin' Groovy!
    What wonderful wonderful news! Helps Adar be even happier.

    Devorah B.
    Shmutz L'Aretz