Saturday, February 12, 2011

There but for the grace of Gd go I

Warning: if you are pregnant, I strongly urge you not to read this. 
I mean it.
Skip this one.

I just heard about a woman who died of NF this morning.
I didn't know her, but a friend of mine did.
She succumbed to the bacteria five days after giving birth. No it wasn't cesarean, it was a natural birth.

She had lots of pain after birth, and for a few days she was being checked because of her pain. On one of the checks, they found her uterus full of infected fluid (I hate the word pus). Her blood pressure crashed, her system started shutting down, she was operated on a few times, but they couldn't save her.

It was her second birth.
Now there is a newborn and an older child with no mother, and a bereft father.

I am stunned.
I was perhaps an hour, or hours, or at most a half day away from that.

Puts things right back in perspective.

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