Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The pros and cons of Lyrica

One of the biggest problems stopping me from writing these days is that I don't have a reasonable computer in my bedroom. We gotta change that, but it'd entail buying another computer. It's hard for me to sit in chairs (where the computers are now) for long periods of time to write. Being in bed not only helps me be physically comfortable enough to write, but also helps the privacy issue.

That being said, I am sitting in a chair now to write. I have about 20 minutes or so before Shifra will come home from school.
(by the end of this entry, it'd be way past the time the children came home, and I've stopped many times.)

Physical update: no change that we have solid proof for yet. The infection is still lurking, but we are waiting on a new urine culture result tomorrow (did the colloidal silver work?).
My GP doesn't know what to do. Her theory is that the infection may be in the right kidney (which may be why it hurts), and resistant to the antibiotics because of the calcification problem; ie that the kidney cannot absorb the antibiotics. Other antibiotics are being discussed (shots, IV), and I am due to see an infectious disease doctor on Monday, here in Soroka. Then on Tuesday is the nephrologist (also local, thank Gd). I'll know lots more after that all.

Emotional update: I gotta tell ya, not so great. Hard to say why... my pain is wayyyy less. These meds are working well for that. Know what? Just this minute something occurred to me... a friend told me that when her grandmother was taking Lyrica, she found herself quite depressed. I wonder if that is the case here? I have been feeling much more depressed of late, and I have been chalking it up to tiredness (depressed= needing deep-rest... say those two words together), but only now I wonder if the Lyrica is playing tricks on me. It *is* a known side effect. Hmmm... how would I know? Only by going off the stuff, and then I get the pain back. Wow-- it seems to click now-- you are witnessing the epiphany-- I have been telling friends that the honeymoon of the pain pills has vanished. That it lasted for that month or so in which posts that were so positive. Now it seems, although my pain is successfully being kept at bay, I am feeling down lots of the time. And incredibly tired almost always. I haven't been able to really pinpoint why. Could it be the Lyrica? The problem with that, as I stated before, is that finding out if that is actually the case is a catch-22 in and of itself. I wonder if the pain doctor in Jerusalem would have any other ideas for me regarding this.
Geez, I really hate dealing with more than one medical situation at a time. I have now the infection and the kidney thing going on; ultrasound this Thursday, two important appointments next week. I guess I'll hang tight with the Lyrica thing for the time being.
Pain being gone is a Really Good thing. So very, very good. But that gray cloud I've been feeling isn't so good.
poo on all of it.


  1. i used to take lyrica and had some of the same problems have you tried medical marijuana?

  2. medical marijuana isn't suitable for me for a few different reasons. SO, I'm sticking with the Lyrica for now. It is working against the nerve pain.