Friday, March 18, 2011

three doctors, You're OUT!

OK, so....

After I had those two doctor's appointments Sunday and Monday of this week, I set myself to the task of getting all four kids' costumes together for Purim, entailing numerous trips to the seamstress and various shops.

Then came the trip to Jerusalem yesterday to see the pain specialist.
Those travel-to-see-doctor days are so, so hard for me. This time was no different.
Dr. D didn't have much to say about improving the pain situation in my thigh joint. *But*, he did consult with his pharmacist- on the spot- about whether or not the Art-50 is contraindicated for people with kidney disease. The answer to the million dollar question: it is FINE. Art-50 is not at all an NSAID, and the dosage I take is fine. So, I don't have to change any meds, but that also means that there will be no change in the pain level of my thigh joint. The Art-50 doesn't work so well for me, but it does help some. I want more pain coverage.

We spoke of many other options and why they aren't good for me. They are either surgical, or opiates, or morphine family drugs, or contraindicate with other meds I take. Cannabis is off the table for a myriad of reasons.

I got home from the trip WIPED OUT and depressed to tears.
Woke up today (Friday) with a fever, stayed in bed all day.
Now it's almost Shabbat.
Robert cooked all the food, may the Master Of  The Universe bless his soul. (you can say Amen)
Saturday night is Purim.
And although costumes are done, the mishloach manot (Purim food gifts) are not.
I bought something for myself to make a funny costume for myself... I hope my body and soul can manage it all.
It's the soul part that is lagging now, if you think a fever is dragging me down. Too much happened this week, it's been overdrive for me. Three doctors including a traveling day is too much. I am in the space of needing complete and total calm and quiet, and can hardly tolerate anything but.
Tall order in these coming days of Purim!
Hashem give me strength.

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