Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You are not going to believe this.

I am still a bit shocked, but I will preface this post by saying *none of this is yet confirmed*.

I went to the orthopedist who specializes in neck and upper spine problems. It's been two months that I can't move my neck much, and have lots of pain when I try. It is at it's worst when I go to sleep and wake up.

He did a thorough check of my reflexes and nerves, and all of that is fine.
He put my head in various positions, and I yelped each time he tried another movement.
He asked me if I've had low fevers or chills....

The answer is yes, as you all know. Almost every night I have chills. I am run down and sleep a lot.

He suspects osteomyelitis. That means deep bone infection.
SHIT. (excuse my French)

Tomorrow I am going to get blood tests he ordered. He said that if the tests are even the slightest bit indicative of this infection, he wants an immediate MRI. Now, as we all know here on my blog, there is no way in this country to get an immediate MRI unless you are hospitalized.........

So that was his next direction. He'd want me to be hospitalized in Bellinson hospital in Tel Aviv where he is the head of orthopedics.

Osteomyelitis treatment entails round-the-clock antibiotics. That is done through a PICC line; like a central line. It entails hospitalization.

I pray we are not going that way.... Pesach chol hamoed (the interim days of the Passover holiday) in hospital in Tel Aviv. Please Gd, no.
Well, the kids could go to the beach....  First things first. Blood test in the morning, results hopefully the next day (Friday).

Didn't I just say in my last post that undiagnosed pain in my recent history usually doesn't have a good ending?

Oh, BTW- my mesh in my skin graft has been hurting, too. I told the orthopedist that, also, and he said it could be an infection there, we just don't know.

OK, I'll write when I know more.

Please Daven (or send healing thoughts and energies) for Sarah Rachel Bat Tova.


  1. you are in our tefillot. please do whatever the doctor says right now. I'm sure it's very hard to deal with it erev pesach , but this is your health. may you have good health soon!

  2. Lots and lots of love, Sare. As anonymous said, your health comes first, even Erev Pesach or Pesach. I'm davening for you, and crying with you too.
    please keep us informed.


  3. I'm thinking of you and davening for you.