Monday, April 18, 2011

Passover 2011 + my blood tests came out negative!

I have really limited time at the moment-- it is literally less than an hour before Seder of Passover. We are ready, and are very excited about our new renovations and house painting which we did all last week. I will post pictures when I have the chance to upload them.

I just wanted to write that the initial blood tests for the bone infection came out *negative*. THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING. We don't know what (if anything) I do have, but the big bad bacteria has been ruled out, thank Gd. I still have the pain, but it may be muscular or tendon. It is the worst at night an the morning. Last night I had a dream that I was taking off in an airplane, with the seat belt fastened. Then, for some reason, the plane slowed down dramatically, and I slid off the seat such that my seat belt was choking me and pressing against my clavicle bone. I woke up in *such* pain in my neck and shoulder...

Anyway, for now, I am just soooooo happy to get to Passover, 2011. I *LOVE* this holiday. It's undeniably one of my favorites.

Chag Sameach for all of you who are Jewish, and happy spring for those who aren't!!

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  1. chag samaech and hope you can get out a little with the kids and have fun!refua shlaima.