Friday, May 20, 2011


For so long you have been hearing about the construction zone which is my body and soul. Those renovations are the hardest kind. The biggest problem with them is that you never get to reap the benefits of a finished project. You never get to sit back and say "ahh! Well, would'ja look at that... it's done!".

So, I thought I'd share with you other types of renovations. These are finished!
They are of our home.
Robert & I got to plan the design, choose the materials, and hire a carpenter.
Every so often, it is so rewarding to carry out renovations according to a blueprint.
(of course, if you haven't seen my house before, you won't appreciate the difference, but you can enjoy it just the same:-)

new cabinets at the entrance; the long wall-extension? The skinny side opens up to a much-coveted broom closet! And the chunk opposite... that is part of the combined unit: backpack shelves/ shoe cabinet/ coat closet. Nothing open to the public or thrown on the floor any more! Really! It works!

Robert in the stairway where I hung the children's oil paintings of horses

view of the cabinets from the dining table
Living room from the stairway

kitchen (not renovated, just looking sparkly. :-)

other half of living room cabinetry

Ya'akov's renovations... new glasses!


  1. sarah, may you and your husband fill your lovely home with many family simchas, good cheer, and happiness. rochel.

  2. Amen. Thank you. A zillion times Amen.