Sunday, May 1, 2011

The vacation.... a slice of heaven on earth.

This time,

four years ago,

pretty much to the day,

I got really,
really sick

with Necrotizing Fasciitis.

Now, this is what I call tikun (the concept of "fixing" what is wrong in the world).  

Park Utoipa, Near Natanya. We had the whole place to ourselves, not another soul in the entire nature preserve. Getting to this part of Gd's plan was worth going through that part of His plan.

our lovely little cottage in Michmoret

on the porch
hammock and tea... bliss

stepping foot in that magical place where land meets ocean

Robert looking for nice shells

See those rocks jutting out in the distance?...

...I climbed way out to the tip.

kitchy fun
sunset... breathtaking

time to leave our mark and go back

Robert, under the umbrella, rescuing the bar-b-q from the thunder & lightening storm... the steaks turned out great!

The beautiful kalaniyot... Hebrew for anemones. I love these wild flowers. I took this picture in the yard, just as we headed back home.
(thanks, cousin Howard for taking care of the kids and running the household. It was a wonderful gift.)


  1. A beautiful family! A nice vacation. Good luck with everything and keep up your blog! And keep eating out! It is nice to run into you at restaurants! כל טוב- Joan Kahn

  2. Baruch Hashem! Thank you so much for sharing this healing portion of your journey.

    Lots of love,


  3. so thrilled you were able to catch a few days of quiet time with your husband. place looked so relaxing. may you always have special times with your family.