Wednesday, April 27, 2011

About the ocean, it's Creator, and me.

Passover was great... lots of work, lots of love. I could write oodles just on that stuff, but it is almost 12:30 am here, and I gotta get some sleep. I just wanted to update before I go on **vacation**, so you don't think I vanished into the great abyss of Something Bad.

Vacation... yup! We have been given the gift of a three-day, two night get away, kids-free! (school starts for them tomorrow after the Passover vacation).
Robert's cousin Howard has been living with us for about two months now, and he offered to take care of the children if we want to go away for a bit. It just so happens that Robert's job has off another week, and so we're going! The kids know Howard well, of course, and he knows the rhythm around here after being here for a few months.

We are going ocean-side, my hubby and I. I thrive at the ocean. I need ocean in my life. I don't need to go in, just walk on the beach, and maybe climb out on rocks. It is what makes my blood flow. I am a Pisces, after all. I can't wait to smell that smell, and hear those sounds...

I just want to end off on a quote here that I read in an article a friend posted on Facebook. The article talks about how one woman's cancer diagnosis affected her in an oddly positive way. I think you all have experienced this while going through my illnesses with me. I am pasting here a few sentences that sum it up for me (just superimpose "serious illness" for cancer, to see it the way I do):
..."Cancer is your ticket to your real life. Cancer is your passport to the life you were truly meant to live." ..."Cancer will lead you to God. Let me say that again. Cancer is your connection to the Divine.
I have tried to find the right words so many times to say this exact thing. Thank you, Barbara Ehrenreich for so perfectly stating how it has been to go through this meat grinder and come out the other side with the ability to say "I would not change one day of it". Can you believe I can say that? There were some days that were absolutely horrific. Horrific. Days filled with more pain and experiences than I could ever find words to describe.

But yet, I can say that I would not change ONE DAY of it.
That connection with the Maker of the Universe... all I can say about that is that I hope I can live up to the honor and responsibility that comes with it.


  1. sara, enjoy every second! so happy for you. livriut!

  2. Amazing thought about an ordeal being the key to connecting to G-d. I was especially taken with the closing line in the entry, that with this connection comes responsiblity, and your expressed hope to live up to it. What a tremendous concept!