Thursday, July 21, 2011

A pictorial essay of the blessings in my life

Dov at camp Amichai 2011

Klein brothers in Dov's bunk

"Ma'alot"- Dov's group at camp- he's second from top row, second kid in from the right- red shirt

Hangin' on the bunk

collecting shells at the beach front across from the camp

Shifra, always ready for a pose :-)

Waz & Ya'akov take to the Eucalyptus tree at camp

not the *best* picture of the gang, but that's ok.
Me & Marshmallow getting to know each other

me & Marshmallow groovin'

huts and lake
More mud city-- but so impressive-- each level is hollow-- they built foundations with sticks and then the walls. There is a ramp to each level. I want to put candles in there to light up the windows...

general view of the city as it is *today*... what will be tomorrow, nobody knows...

Another of Ya'akov's architectural prowess- 'Kapla' blocks... those side wings have no base on the floor.

This structure, held in the air by TWO FINGERS. Pretty impressive engineering for an 11 year-old, right?


  1. love the essay. I am a big believer in / fan of naches.

    but I've missed something? who's Marshmallow??

    and a huge WOW to Ya'akov's architectural skills!!

    love to all and shabbat shalom.


  2. gr8 pics! keep smiling! shavua tov, rochel.