Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coming to you from a new continent... well, not a new -continent, actually, but new for my family's environment, and also our internal clocks. I am happy to say that we have all finally adjusted. It took longer than usual for all of us, actually.

We're in Indianapolis at the moment, of all places. Well, it is a good place for us; my brother, two years older than me, lives here with his wife and two children. It has been a great trip out here, we'll be reluctant to leave on our 5:30 pm plane tomorrow to go back to New York. But before we leave, we'll jam at the Carribean Cove water slide park in the am. I'm totally planning to go on a big twisty scary water slide. :-)

I'm good. As good as I was when I left, anyway, which is good.
We changed a plan here in Indy to go to the state fair tomorrow, in favor for the water park. The state fair had too much walking for me. Also the kids wouldn't be able to eat anything there, and I think that'd be a bummer. Plan and simple. I actually re-tested my walking stamina on Shabbat a few days ago, walking a bit of a distance round trip, and it didn't pass. So, with walking not high up on the list, we're doing the water park.

My eyes are falling closed.


  1. have a gr8 and fun trip! you deserve it! rochel.

  2. Lucky thing you weren't at the fair Saturday.

  3. BD- I know-- isn't that *insane*?! For those who haven't heard, at the Indianapolis state fair a few days ago, a great wind gusted and collapsed a stage that was minutes away from the performance starting. It killed five people. Insane.

    Thanks, Rochel.
    I have to write again about the difficult travel problems that have occurred, it made this much less fun (like having an all-nighter and being re-routed to Atlanta and chasing down our luggage at JFK airport because it had arrived on a different plane five hours beforehand. But, we are making the best of it. We are in a wonderful hotel now, so hopefully things will start looking up.