Monday, August 8, 2011

Taking care of myself, body, mind, heart, and soul. In that order.

I did some Yoga this morning. It was quite spontaneous; I was still in my my PJ's.
I had taken Yoga class in University when I had to fulfill a credit, and I actually remembered some stretches/moves from that. It was wonderful; waking up muscles which were begging to be stretched. I wake up so stiff. Gonna definitely keep that up.

A wonderful hour & a half massage followed. I *love* Polina, my Russian Masseuse. She understands my body... not an easy study!

Medical stuff only entered my day in the afternoon.

1. I need to organize all the tests needed for the kidney doctor (nephrologist) appointment after we return from the US. It is a million blood tests, urine tests of all sorts, kidney ultrasound, abdominal x-ray. Lots to organize.
       ~I did manage to actually do the ultrasound today... there was an open appointment that I jumped on. 
         Not the most positive ultrasound I've ever had; the technician (also a doctor) was very secretive and hinted at something in my right kidney. 
Techie doc: "it's the right one that hurts, isn't it". me: "yes, why? How do you know that? What do you see"? Techie doc: "not sure". That's it, nothing else. Oh, except that she also told me to check my gall bladder tract. What does that mean? I hate the secrecy. Well, I'll see the results on Wednesday.
I made a strange slip of the tongue: I asked how is the placenta instead of how is the bladder. In Hebrew they aren't such similar words, so I don't know how the slip happened.
Probably just wishful thinking. 

2. I went to my GP's clinic and got tons of annoying paperwork taken care of. Now it is taken care of, and I think I have all the dates of tests organized so it'll be ready for the nephrologist appointment at Soroka on the 30th.

3. called Prof. Meller's office to make sure the MRI disks and recent reports got to him. They were delivered by a lovely lady who was happy to do the favor. They indeed got to him, thankfully. Now I just have to wait for a call from the secretary to tell me the doctors are ready for me to come and *discuss*.

I have been leaning toward the treatment plan of a hip replacement (HR). I am sick of intense medicines which so far have not relieved me of any pain. Side effects... a few of which I cannot tolerate if they plan to stay around long-term. I have heard only such amazing stories of HR's... one story after another of success with it. I do know one woman who was unfortunate to have dealt with a bad HR and walked around on it for some time quite uncomfortably. Finally when they changed it for her, it was because her hip type was recalled. Other than that, though, everyone has a great HR story to tell me.
Of course, I don't even know if Prof. Meller will agree with that plan. We'll have to wait and see.
I have a letter from Dr. Z to take the meth overseas. It's a fairly large amount, so if I get any questions or dogs sniffing, I am protected.

That's it... 
Tomorrow will start with yoga again, then a few more before-trip errands, then to the pool.
The children are doing great. They are so excited to fly to America!
They are really using up all the summer days. Every day is a care-free gift. They are just so happy.
I feel so close to them these days. Especially one in particular who has been completely opening up to me in ways that I prayed he would.
It's all part of the tikkun, you know?
My friend today told me of a wonderful idea she heard at a Torah class last week. The idea is that childhood is the Garden of Eden.
I see that in my children's eyes on these hot, juicy, lazy summer days.
Do you know what it means to see the Garden of Eden in your children's eyes?
I think I do.
So, I take care of me, I take care of them, and, as always,
only with the help of God.


  1. Lovely post Sarah. Good luck with the scan results

  2. good luck with all the appts. so happy the kids are having a gr8 summer. keep up with the yoga also. the number again for yoga in the pool is, 02-991-1033, rivka matluk. hatzlocha and feel good, rochel.