Sunday, August 21, 2011

Home and away

Crazy stuff happening at home,,, in my home of Be'er Sheva. People killed, people wounded. Air-raid sirens ringing out four-five-six times in one day. War is breaking out. School probably won't start on time.
I picture Emma scared and nervous, poor little thing. I know that her caregivers will give her more TLC. I really miss her... my little black mutt.

Here I am enjoying Entenmann's doughnuts (not to be found in most of Israel), a luxurious hotel at a good price (also not to be found in Israel), shopping, and visits with my family. Not in that order of enjoyment, mind you.

My last blog felt weird to say "there" when referring to Israel. In my heart it is always "here".
I feel like a fish out of water here sometimes.

How can loving parents dislodge their hugging arms to let their children & grandchildren go onto a plane to Israel when the [hugely distorted] headline news is all about where they live?

How can the Israeli family explain that being there is *home*, and that they want to be there? Most Americans think that Israelis would want to leave when missiles are flying. Many Americans think that living in Israel is not as great as living in America.

This isn't a competition.

We'll see each other in November, with the help of God.

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  1. It was a very hard week in Israel with all the attacks. we should hear bsurot tovot.