Monday, August 29, 2011

Things are good; trimming down the blogging.

So happy to be home. Be it ever so humble...
I've been in a funk for a week or so.

I am sick of reading my writing recently. I start a blog entry, put precious time into it,  and just wind up trashing it.

Maybe that's a good thing-- it means that my themes are repeating on themselves. I hope it is that I am ready to really get into writing the book; there isn't much drawing me to need to blog currently. I think I've been waiting for this for a long time, right?

Maybe I'll just start doing short updates if there is something I want to chronicle.
I still believe that change can happen; that my situation now can and will improve. Maybe I'll finally get out of pain... or learn how to live with it as part of me.

I couldn't resist writing an entry if something big was going on. Don't worry, you'd all know. :-)

we are tapering off the methadone to see if the side effects will go away. There are a few side effects which I am not willing to give permanence in my life. After the meth is tapered off (a week), then we'll see if these things go away.

Meanwhile, we've upped the Lyrica: 300 am/300pm. Good. I'm sure it'll  help my breakthrough nerve pain.

Seeing the nephrologist (kidney specialist) on Tuesday, and I am collecting tests to have ready for that.

Seeing a dermatologist also on Tuesday... there is a skin [graft] infection on gapey.

Big visit with Professor Meller on Monday. I pray that I'll get some good options for my leg.

That's all for today. I'll write more when the mood hits. :-)

Meanwhile, I am going to try to stabilize a babysitter for my book writing schedule.


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  1. always happy to read how you're doing. alot of us are busy just getting back into regular schedule, school. hope the coming new year will be a "book writting " year for you. rochel.