Monday, October 24, 2011

Not much time for writing

I *really* need to be sleeping. I am still so incredibly tired. Problem is that I am awake at night and tired during the entire morning. How can I combat this!

I just want to quickly update that I am doing... OK-ish. I don't actually know what that means, but things aren't so easy around here, but not as hard as they could be, either. I am up and around, but often I'm not feeling at all well while I'm up and around. Lots of flu-ey, achey feelings, lots of times.

I am currently going off one of the meds I have been on for four years. It is quite possible that the symptoms I have are from that. It is documented as such for this particular medicine.

We don't know the source of the CRAZY insane pain I had a few weeks ago when I went into the hospital. We don't know why I feel so un-well now.

It is hard not having answers. Even harder when we don't even know which questions to ask.

I need to end now and get myself to bed, but I first want to post a few sweet pictures of what I did today while I was up and around.
Dov's Bar Mitzvah is in less than two weeks, and we had to go out and make him look respectable.

Turns out he cleans up pretty well. :-)

 We look forward to seeing some of you with us!
Have good trips, grandparents and uncles!

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  1. your son is just adorable and has a beautiful smile! may you be able to fully participate in all the preperations for this amazing simcha!refua shlaima b'karov! rochel.