Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday procedure

I have a test tomorrow (Tuesday) in the hospital. It is a test that was suggested while I was in the hospital two weeks ago, and I went home knowing that I'd be back for this last test.

I vacillated for many days now if I should go do it or not; I feel quite a bit better. We are very busy with preparations for the Bar Mitzvah, and also that my energy is *very* limited as is. The test is done under light anesthesia, and that can be very easy, or it can put me out for a whole day or more. Since I feel better, it was hard to justify.

*But*, a few of the symptoms have remained. Hard to ignore. These symptoms could also be attributed to the effects of coming off the Lamictal which I am in the middle of at the moment.

Bottom line is after MUCH discussion with Robert and a few friends about the whole thing, I decided that it'd be better to just go in and do it to rule things out.
If I don't do it tomorrow, I may have to wait a long time. And, as the nurse from the ward who I spoke to today pointed out, just because I feel better doesn't mean I can't have another attack like what happened two weeks ago. *IF* that is what it is.

So, I'm doing the darn test.
Gastroscopy (scope through mouth to view digestion parts), 8am hospital time, although who really knows when it will actually take place.
We just have to pray that I am home afterward, tomorrow night. That depends on how the anesthesia effects me, and also on findings from the test. Hopefully there will be no findings, and I will be home before supper. B'ezrat Hashem.

I'll let you know.


  1. I hope that all is going well/has already gone well with your test today.


  2. When you are feeling better is the time to do things ya gotta do to insure future feeling better. I am proud of you for not listening to the voice that may have said to wait. I would bet the volume was not low.

  3. My prayers are with you, Sarah.