Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bad things behind, big things ahead!

I'm OK-- just checking in here. A friend wrote me today and said she pops into my blog almost every day to make sure I am alive and kicking. She asked for:
"even a few words, every couple days, lets us know that you are maintaining speed with everything, and not languishing the hospital or in bed..." (love u, CL)
 So here I am, doing well, keeping up with the preparations for the BarMitzvah, which is this Shabbat! I can't wait! The preparations are pretty much under control. I drive to about 17 places a day doing errands and taking kids to friends' houses. Oh, did I tell you that the kids have been out of school, rather unexpectedly? It's kind of like a 'snow day', but without the beauty and fun. Here it's more like 'missile barrage day'. When our un-peaceful neighbors launch too many missiles (how many is too many?) our way, the authorities cancel school in order to keep the children safe. Three days have been canceled so far. So, with the occasional air-raid siren, we are preparing for my oldest son's life changing event.
Lord protect Am Yisrael.

So, today I ordered balloon centerpieces for the tables. That was after my appointment with Dr Z, my pain doctor, got canceled. So I'll see him tomorrow. He's been overseas since before Succot, so my whole hospitalization issue and getting behind on pain management hasn't been talked about. Did I tell you that I got behind on pain patches and Lyrica last week and got bombarded with pain again? Yeah, well, that happened. I was shocked at how much pain actually was there, just waiting to pounce. I spent a few days sleeping *tons* (still recovering from the hospitalization), and missed meds and patches because of it. Not good. I am caught up now, and pain is under control. It took a full three days to get out of pain once I fell behind. I learned.

Anyway,  my parents and brother are coming tomorrow, along with Robert's brothers from America. Big things are starting! I pray I can keep up with it all.

Speaking of which, I am going to sleep. I slept from 4pm until 10 this evening, and now am going back to sleep at 1:20am. Tomorrow is a big day. Actually, tomorrow is today. :-)


  1. I was glad to read your blog update this morning. Yes, I am another one of those people who checks in every morning to see how you are doing. I'm glad someone wrote to you, I was thinking of doing so (I know, thinking about something is not the same as actually doing it).

    Good to know you have your pain meds organized again.

    Mazal tov on the bar mitzva this shabbat.


  2. I check in too, and also call your parents to say hi!
    We are so excited for Dov and the whole family. Can't wait to see the video. MAZAL TOV! to all. Sarah, has it really been 13 years? The kids get older, we don't, apparently :-)(Shoshana and I are going to a high school open house this Sunday, yikes!)

    XXXOOO wishing you LOL (NOT Laugh Out Loud, but Lots Of Love, as it used to mean in the olden days, before cell phones and texting)
    Devorah B from NJ

  3. wishing you all mazel tov!! refua shlaima and may your family have much nachat from all your children. rochel.

  4. Mazal Tov on the Bar Mitzva!

    Chana V

  5. hey Sare, can't wait to hear from you! Mazal Tov!

    D from NJ