Thursday, October 27, 2011

The 'all clear' has been sounded

The test came out fine, and there were no preliminary findings. Yeah!
I did sleep the whole rest of the day, but at least it was at my home. Also today I wasn't feeling 100%, but that is all part of it for me.

This is what we (Robert & I) decided about the hospitalization:
1) I must have thrown my back out. The reason for the horrific, body-searing pain I had when I went into the hospital two weeks ago was *not* that I was dying, as I thought could be the case, rather that I threw my back out when I installed the booster seat into the car the day beforehand. I made that seat *really* tight, it won't move a millimeter, that baby is safe. But what I had to do to make it that tight was basically jam myself down with my knee in the seat as strong as I possibly could to buckle it down. Well, I guess my body wasn't ready for that type of exertion. (and possibly moving an oven with another person the day before that, as well...)

2) the nausea was *not* from gall bladder problems, or kidney problems, rather, most probably, from the effects of weaning off one of my meds, which I have been in the process of doing for a month now. When the doctors in the hospital asked what meds I take, I told them, with the dosages as well. What they didn't ask, and I didn't think to say, was that the dose *last* week was different. Nobody thought to ask if there have been any changes in my medication.
Again, it took Robert to think of that one. He looked it up, and there it was, blaring, as an effect of weaning off this medicine: Nausea. ding dong!

So, I am OK, BH.

We still have a bunch of stuff to do for the Bar Mitzvah coming up, so I may not write so much. I sleep a lot. When I am up and have strength, I need to do stuff, and/or be with the kids.

Family coming in from the US next week!! Woo hoo!!


  1. so happy to hear the all clear call. may you be able to participate in all the getting ready for the bar mitzva stuff with good health and loaded strenghth and really enjoy all the happiness. mazel tov!! rochel.

  2. Woo Hoooooo, indeed! Happy to read all the good news below.
    Much love and neshikot, Shari

  3. I'm not happy that you had the pain/nausea, but I'm happy you've figured out a benign reason for it. Enjoy your special time coming up!

  4. Yay!

    shabbat shalom,

  5. I was so relieved when Robert let me know the good test results on Wednesday.